Guest Table Decorations

Posy arrangements

All round arrangements that are designed in oasis to be put in the centre of guest tables.

We start them from £20 each.

Colour selection is your choice, however the type of flowers used are usually more traditional and if you wish to add roses, lilies or freesias for example the price of each arrangement may increase by £10 per item.

Glass vase arrangements

A small and slim glass vase that usually comprises of a few flowers in the theme of your wedding arrangements and colours. Normally the flowers will be a choice of 2 roses with foliage or spray carnations with foliage and finished with some decorative stones for the bottom of the vase to match in with your colour scheme.

For a basic as listed above, we usually start them from £15 each.

More specialised designs can be made and will be priced and quoted to you once we establish your particular design.

Top Table Decorations

Long and low top table arrangement

An arrangement in oasis designed in a slim diamond shape, suitable for the top table.

For a traditional mixture of flowers we start them from £40.

As with the posies if you wish to have roses, lilies or freesias you may be expected to add an extra £10 on to the arrangement.

Waterfall arrangement for the top table

This arrangement is designed to sit on the edge of the top table, usually in front of the bride and groom. The idea of the way the arrangement is made is for the flowers to cascade over the front of the top table, giving the waterfall effect. These arrangements are also not easily transported without 2 people and an ample sized vehicle. For this reason if you decide to order a waterfall arrangement it would have to be collected.

We start them from £50.

Again as above this is for a basic mixture. Any additional flowers will be charged on top. You may wish to have posy arrangements or glass vase arrangements for the top table also.
We usually recommend you have three items equally placed down the centre of your top table.

Room Decorations

Large pedestal arrangements

A large front facing triangular arrangement on a stand.
These arrangements are designed to go in the corner of the church or as a floral decoration for an evening reception room. These arrangements are very large and require 2 people to collect. Unfortunately because of the item being very large we do not deliver and if ordered they would have to be collected in an ample sized vehicle.

We start these arrangements from £50 for a basic mixture of flowers in your colour scheme.

As above if any other flowers for example – roses, lilies, freesias etc need to be added, these will be charged in as an extra.

Large pom pom bows

Large looped bows which are ideal for pew ends in the church or just for general decoration of the room.

We charge £2.50 per bow and the colours are your choice.

We can make the bows two colours if you wish for example ivory and burgundy etc.

Wedding Date

All arrangements for the wedding should be ordered a maximum of two weeks before the wedding date. This enables us to order in the particular flowers we need. We appreciate you may not know how many arrangements you need well in advance, but try to let us know as soon as you do.

Delivery can be arranged for most items at a local charge of £5.00 per address (outside areas vary).

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon.